Ironmongery for PVC glazing windows

The ironmongery used is varied due to this standard places being made by a major manufacturer: GU, with self width of 16 mm.

Mechanisms can provide rotating and tilting can be easily operated, can provide blocking and locking and may be such as to ensure a constant coupling gasket on all around the contour.

The ironmongery ensure easy handling of the doors and windows and it is available in version with side opening, turn fittings, tilt-turn and through complementary elements (ventilation device) that incur special demands.


Tilt turn-fittings ironmongery


Application for tilt-turn and turn fittings UNI-JET:

  • Windows and doors in a single sash
  • Windows and doors in two sash without the mountain
  • Doors in a single sash with possibility of locking
  • Doors in double sash with possibility of locking without mullion
  • Windows with arc of a circle and trapezoidal


Technical description:

  • UNI-JET locking mechanisms are mounted in falt and are actioned by a handle.All locking mechanisms are made for standard ironmongery with a channel of 16.3 mm width and 2.5 mm depth
  • Automatic locking rolls of steel device closing, scissors, additional closures and corner transmissions are adjustable with Torx and are fixed with compensating spring for luft rebate, length of arch is 1.2 mm
  • Additional closures are clamped
  • Tilt turn-fitting scissors with arms that allows as standard or optional springs for rebate ventilation, additional positions for ventilation resulting  supplement comfort.
  • Scissors with arms that are fitted with safety against falling



  • Tilt-turn and turn fittings ironmongery UNI-JET D-JET DR UNI, UNI-JET D S.
  • Tilt-turn and turn fittings ironmongery UNI-JET M 20/12, UNI-JET M 20/12 R, UNI-JET M 20/12 S
  • Tilt-turn and turn fittings ironmongery UNI-JET M 6/12, UNI-JET M 6/12 S
  • Tilt-turn and turn fittings ironmongery UNI-JET M 6/4, UNI-JET M 6/4 S-milling on glued frame
  • Tilt-turn and turn fittings UNI-JET M 6/4 and UNI-JET M 6/4 IS-milling on unssembled frame
  • Tilt-turn and turn fittings ironmongery UNI-JET
  • Tilt-turn and turn fittings ironmongery UNI-JET S-accounts, hidden for windows colorful sashes and frames


Technical description:

  • Modern mechanisms offer a smoother sash design that can be positioned in the wanted position easily and accurately according to profile thickness of 115 mm or 108 mm
  • Rotating aluminum handles for easy operation
  • Ironmongery with forced control: GU-mz locking mechanism is equipped with scissors to  pulling the sash to frameand releasing the lock opening. Even large and heavy doors can be operated easily and safely to closing the sash is released automatically in tilt position, allowing for safe ventilation – the sash is secure against intrusion
  • Optimum protection against corrosion due to surface sealing with ferGUard  silver



  • Sliding tilt doors parallel along  with 2 to 4 sashes
  • Sliding tilt windows parallel along with 2 to 4 sashes
  • Each with rolling and sliding rails
  • Extensible sliding Doors with 3-7 sashes
  • Extensible sliding windows with 3-7 sashes
  • Each with rolling and sliding rails


  • Tilt-sliding GU-966/200 si.U-966/150 mZ mZ-based security
  • Tilt-sliding GU-966/200 .U-966/150 mZ and mZ It is – enhanced base security
  • Tilt-sliding GU-966/200 .U-966/150 mZ and mZ It is – WK 2
  • Tilt-sliding G.U-968/200
  • Tilt-sliding G.U-968/150 mZ
  • Slide-fold G.U-922
  • Slide-fold G.U-925
  • Slide-fold G.U-822
  • Slide-fold G.U-825
  • Lift Sliding ironmongery



Door closers

Door closer with arm with / without lock. Recommended for exterior doors  with high / low traffic and doors with low /hightraffic.

Maximum width for door sheet varies depending on model. Closing speed is infinitely adjustable (from 1-5 according to EN 1154 A). Clamping force is adjustable gradual  to 2-4.

Suitable for both doors on the left and the right. Available in the following color options: silver, white, brown.


Hinges door

In order to equip PVC doors with good quality components, we recommend using GU series and series FH FH90 110 hinges.


  • Lock SECURY R4 35/92
  • SB2 SECURY lock 35/92
  • Lock SECURY R4 25/92
  • Lock Economy 25/92
  • Lock Economy 35/92
  • Lock SECURY Lift 35/92
  • Lock SECURY MR2 Lift 35/92
  • Lock SECURY Europe 28/92
  • Lock SECURY MR2 35/92
  • Lock SECURY Smart 1800K 28/85
  • Lock SECURY Smart 1800K 35/85
  • Simple lock 30/92
  • Simple lock 35/92
  • Lock Ball 30/92

Locks range is able to cover the entire range of sizes and constructive variants, while ensuring functionality and a wide range of finishes which allows basically any required approach locking systems for doors.


Features and benefits:

  • Can be used on left or right hinged due to reversible language
  • Deadbolt and tongue with special cover (optional) with sliding unmatched qualitys, this cover provides easy andsilent lockable door
  • Optional burglar licensed version SKG
  • Easy assembly due to accessibility cylinder holes for fixing screws
  • Different types of locking plates



Narrow entrance doors

Technical description:

  • Cylinders locks  profiled with actuation function  of the tongue
  • Casing galvanized closure
  • Reversible tongue coated in zin
  • Safety latch of galvanized steel, with 20 m race
  • Safety Door Locks



  • G.U-SECURY Automatic 4


Cylinders door

Features and benefits:

  • Series of cylinders for daily use with standard security, with protection against key duplication and unauthorized unlocking. Available for standard locks and keys without security card.
  • Standard of safety doors is given by cylinder from 31 series. Due to versatility, this series underlies of variousapplications of locks.
  • Cylinders Series 33 SL locking system combines a single point locking with additional side locking mechanism.
  • The reversible key system with paracentric key profile at the same time offering an easy and high security locking.Available for standard locks applications, keys without security card and for secure locking. Available according tocustomer requirements.
  • Electronic locking systems combined with series 45 janus cylinders. Allocation and management of authorizationslocking is done using software ESI 58 SOFT.



  • Cylinder systems 88 series
  • Cylinder system 31 series
  • Cylinder systems 33 series
  • Cylinder systems 5 series
  • Cylinder systems  45 janus series
  • Electronic cylinder 58 ESI



Features and benefits:

HTS thresholds with thermal insulation are appropriate for PVC entrance doors, for new and renovated buildings.Fulfilling these standards, the new thresholds GU “DKS” PVC door offers more convenience.

GU thermostep with thermal insulation is specially designed for lifting and sliding doors and  sliding with tilt and lifting doors of wood and PVC. With a value of UF BW 1.8.


  • HTS  thresholds
  • DKS thresholds
  • G.U-thermostep thresholds